Foundation Repair Can Save Your House

If a homeowner notices that there are cracks in the ceilings and walls of his house, or that doors, cabinets and windows do not close properly, then he might be in need for foundation repair for his house.


A qualified foundation repair Austin contractor should be called in to inspect the situation and pass judgment on whether or not repairs should be instituted. If a problem is deemed to be present with the integrity of the foundation, then an excavation can be dug in order to place a steel or concrete pier directly underneath the problem area of the foundation in order to prop it up and stabilize it.


A steel or a poured concrete bedding platform can be placed directly underneath the pier to stabilize it, or it can be placed on top of bedrock. Several such piers are often placed right underneath of vulnerable positions, and this gives the house a wide degree of structural support.


In fact, by the placement of several such piers in various strategic positions, the overall support and strength of the foundation actually increases, as the stability of the whole structure is not now so vulnerable of changes in the soil.

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